EPT Seminar
Mon, Mar 27, 2017 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
PSC 3150

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Speaker: Diptimoy Ghosh

Speaker Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science

Title: Hints of new physics in semi-leptonic B-meson decays

Abstract: In recent years, a number of interesting signals of potential new physics in semi-leptonic B-meson decays have been reported both by the B-factories
as well as the LHCb. In this talk, I will discuss these observations with a
particular emphasis on the observable $R_{D^*}$, the ratio of the branching
fraction of $\bar{B} \to D^* \tau \bar{
u}_\tau$ to that of $\bar{B}
\to D^* \ell \bar{
u}_\ell (\ell = \mu, e )$, which shows a 3.3 sigma deviation
from the Standard Model prediction. I will present an effective field theory
analysis of these potential new physics signals and discuss possible ways to distinguish the various operators.