JQI Seminar: Lindsay LeBlanc

Mon, Sep 25, 2023 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
ATL 2400


Speaker: Lindsay LeBlanc (University of Alberta)

Title: Broadband spin-wave quantum memories in cold and ultracold atomic systems

Abstract: Quantum memories using cold and ultracold atoms are a promising platform for storing and manipulating photonic signals, and will be a key component in quantum communications systems, especially in realizing critical quantum repeater infrastructure. Cold atoms have significant potential as high performance spin-wave quantum memories, due to the long storage times associated with low temperature and slow thermal diffusion. Broadband, low-noise performance in such memories is also required, but these two principles are often at odds with each other. In our lab, we demonstrated two memory protocols in ultracold (sometimes Bose-condensed) atoms, which hold the potential for high-performance light storage: the Autler-Townes splitting (ATS) and superradiant approaches. We studied these quantum memories in the classical and single-photon limits, and evaluated their performance across a variety of metrics. These methods provide a path towards practical implementations in both ground- and satellite-based quantum communications systems, and we are working on both increasing performance and developing practical implementations. In addition to this work, recent progress in our lab includes working with warm atomic samples inside high-Q microwave cavities to facilitate three-wave mixing and non-linear atom optics, and using ultracold ensembles to study unconventional quantum gates, specifically, qutrit and holonomic operations.

*You will need to bring your cell phone, so you can sign in using the flowcode.  For Zoom, please submit a chat saying hello with your first and last name, so you can receive lunch.  Lunch will be served after the seminar only to the individuals that have attended.*

At 4pm, there will be a tea in ATL 2117 for our speaker and students - this is a chance for students to ask questions directly to our speaker. Refreshments will be served.