Materials Science and Engineering Seminar

Fri, Mar 22, 2019 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
2110 Chem/Nuc Engineering Building


Speaker: Jimmy Kotsakidis, Ph.D. Student at Monash University, Physics Dept., Australia

Title: Fundamental Experimental Studies on the Oxidation of Monolayer WS2 and Intercalation of Graphene on Silicon Carbide with the Alkali Earths

Abstract: This talk will cover experiments on the 2D materials WS­2 and graphene. We have examined the ambient oxidation of monolayer WS2, finding that oxidation proceeds via a photoexcitation induced (photo-oxidation) pathway requiring absorbed light at or above the trion energy. Significant oxidation occurs for WS2 exposed to laboratory lights for weeks, or a single typical photoluminescence map though is prevented for WS2 stored in darkness. I will also present findings from STM and Synchrotron XPS studies on the intercalation of mono and bilayer graphene on SiC with magnesium and calcium.

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