The University of Maryland’s Physics Graduate Program aims to prepare students for success in multiple career paths by providing a world-class education and research experience. Students are supported financially, professionally, and personally from admission through graduation. The department strives to promote a sense of community through collaboration among students, faculty, and staff. In addition, graduate students are encouraged to engage in any of the numerous clubs, committees, organizations, and activities available to them through the department and the university.

The graduate program is flexible and designed to allow students to tailor coursework and experiences to their career goals, while preparing them to conduct original research and effectively communicate scientific results. Our 70+ faculty members are committed to providing high-quality instruction in all the major fields of physics to ensure that our students have advanced knowledge of multiple fields.

The Physics Office of Student and Education Services is dedicated to the success and well-being of each and every student. This office supports the personal and professional growth of graduate students by guiding them through the Ph.D. process and providing support, mentoring, and professional development opportunities.

Supporting the mental health of graduate students makes them better scientists—more productive, collaborative, and creative—and happier people— better able to build relationships, recognize their own accomplishments, and realize their potential. Please visit here for mental health resources.

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