The Maryland Experimental High Energy Physics group studies the properties and interactions of nature's elementary particles. Our present understanding of the universe at both the largest and smallest scales (in both energy and distance) has led us to a mathematical framework called the Standard Model.


Research Areas

  • LHCb detector at LHC

    LHCb detector at LHC
    Investigations into the fundamental origins via high precision physics at the LHC with the LHCb detector.
  • BaBar at SLAC

    BaBar at SLAC
    Precision physics with e+e- annihilations at SLAC B-factory using the BaBar detector.
  • CMS detector at CERN

    CMS detector at CERN
    Investigations into the origins of fundamental interactions and particles at the energy frontier using 13 TeV pp beams at the CERN Large Hadron Collider LHC using the CMS detector.

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