The Graduate Student Committee is an elected group of 7 graduate students who work with the Physics Department to improve the graduate student experience.  


What We've Done

Advisor Award

The advisor award was established to recognize outstanding advisors. After soliciting nominations, we organized a selection committee comprised of faculty, alumni, and researchers. The 2015 advisor award was presented to Professor Adil Hassam.

Peer Mentoring Program

The mentoring program pairs first year graduate students with returning graduate students to foster guidance and supportive friendships through one-on-one mentorship, community networking, and social media. We have reached over 50 graduate students!

Prospective Student Activities

We plan activities for prospective students during the Admitted Student Open House, including lab tours, evening activities, and a day trip around Washington, DC.

TA Mutual Expectations Agreement

We developed a mutual expectations agreement based on TA and instructor feedback to facilitate productive discussions between TAs and instructors.


2018 - 2019 Members

Get Involved

Eli Mizrachi

Naren Manjunath

Artur Perevalov

Martin Ritter

Sergio Smith


We invite you to attend our open forums and send us your ideas and concerns via email. 


Run for the Graduate Student Committee! Elections will take place in December 2019.


contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.