There are many advantages to studying Physics at Maryland, including small class-sizes, outstanding teachers, and talented classmates. We provide a separate track of physics courses taught entirely by our faculty even at the introductory level! However, we believe that the most important physics education occurs outside the classroom, and we encourage all of our majors to participate in cutting-edge research with our internationally recognized faculty. Through participation in research projects, our students learn what it takes to conduct world-class, scientific research. 

Whether you decide to continue to study physics in graduate school or work in fields such as engineering, software development, law, business, or education, a bachelor's degree in physics from Maryland provides an excellent foundation. Our talented undergraduates have a passion for physics that helps create a dynamic and collegial atmosphere in which to study, but they have a wide variety of interests and talents in many other areas, including music, sports, art and theatre.

Supporting the mental health of undergraduate students makes them better scientists—more productive, collaborative, and creative—and happier people— better able to build relationships, recognize their own accomplishments, and realize their potential.  

What resources are available at UMD? There are numerous resources available:

UMD Mental Health Services  Second floor of the UMD Health Center; offers individual and group therapy.
UMD Counseling Center              Offers both counseling and academic coaching.
UMD Clinical Psychology Clinic    Offers discounted long-term therapy.
UMD Center for Healthy Families  Offers long-term individual, couples, and family therapy.
Campus Advocates Respond and Educate (CARE) to Stop Violence Provides crisis intervention, counseling, and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual harassment affecting all genders.
Helping Students in Distress Resources for instructors, curated by the UMD counseling center.
UMD LGBT+ Equity Center  Offers safe spaces for discussion, training, and advocacy.
Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy Offers advising for students and student organizations, training, and discussion spaces.
Accessibility and Disability Service Offers support for accessibility considerations.
Learning Assistance Services   Offers academic coaching and study help.
Office of Multi-ethnic Student Education Offers tutoring, mentorship, and inclusivity events.
Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering  Works to create a supportive environment for underrepresented minority pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate students in engineering through advising and scholarships.
UMD Crisis Fund   A fund for students experiencing acute financial hardship.


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