The experimental Nuclear Physics Group at the University of Maryland is engaged in a program of experiments related to study of the QCD structure of nucleons and fundamental symmetries of nature. Much of our recent work has taken place at the Jefferson National Laboratory in Newport News, VA, where there is a polarized electron beam of energies up to 6 GeV. Our new projects include a search for neutrinoless double beta decay in liquid Xenon ( EXO ), as well as Dark Matter (LUX), symmetry experiments with cold neutrons at the NIST fundamental neutron beam line in Gaithersburg, MD, and new experiments to study the QCD properties of nucleons (E906 ). Our group is supported primarily by funds from the National Science Foundation.


Research Areas

The G0 Experiment G0-00-006
SAMPLE with Deuterium
E96001-Eta Production
E98108-Kaon Production
E91011(p production)
E906 at Fermilab

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