Five members of the Department of Physics were honored at an October luncheon held in the lobby of the Physical Sciences Complex. 
The Chair's Award for Outstanding Service was given to Mark Conners. One nominator called him "an incredible asset to faculty and staff at the Physics Department, and in particular to young assistant professors who start out on a faculty job with a range of non-trivial financial and procedural matters they need to deal with right away."
The Sibylle Sampson Award was given to Samantha Suplee. She was nominated for planning and coordinating the North American Conference on Trapped Ions (NACTI). "Pulling this together required quick thinking and creative solutions. Her energy, drive, positive attitude and friendly manner have made this conference a success."
The Staff Excellence Award was given to three employees.
  • Janet Das Sarma. She was cited for her "tremendous organization and coordination" in arranging the Condensed Matter Theory Center's move from the Toll Building to a new suite in the Atlantic Building. "She spent an enormous amount of time and attention to detail to make this happen.  I commend her for this effort!"
  • Donna Hammer.  "Donna Hammer puts her life and soul into this department and it shows. She gives so much of her time and effort into making this place comforting for women in undergrad and beyond and fosters the personal and professional development needed so we can succeed. She is constantly branching out to do new and innovative things."
  • Kristin Stenson.  She was nominated for her contributions to CNAM – including event planning, graphics development and outreach activities – as it was renamed the Quantum Materials Center. She was cited for "exceptional service, commitment and tremendous contribution to the center and its development."