The Condensed Matter Theory Center (CMTC) recently launched a blog, and the first entry was written by CMTC Director Sankar Das Sarma, who holds the Richard E. Prange Chair and is a Distinguished University Professor.  Das Sarma writes about the interplay between the covid-19 pandemic and the physics community. This is the first of a series of blogs Das Sarma plans on writing on covid-19, covering different aspects of this earth-shattering crisis of the century. dasarmaSankar Das Sarma

Das Sarma, who has been a member of the Maryland physics department since 1980, has very broad research interests, covering the whole gamut from topological quantum computation to fluctuations in financial markets. He publishes regularly in Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A, B, E, X, Physical Review Research, and Physical Review Applied, with over 700 publications in APS journals over a 42-year period. He has also published three highly cited review articles in Reviews of Modern Physics on spintronics, topological quantum computation, and graphene.