Research Professor and Professor Emeritus Ho Jung Paik is the lead author of the article "Low-frequency terrestrial tensor gravitational-wave detector," which has been selected by the journal Classical and Quantum Gravity as one of their highlights of 2016. Postdoctoral associate Cornelius Griggs and research scientist Martin Vol Moody collaborated on the article. It presents a design concept for a tensor gravitational wave detector, capable of detecting certain interactions among white dwarf stars, neutron stars, and black holes in the new mid-frequency band of 0.1 to 10 Hz, at sensitivities much higher than other existing technologies. The proposed instrument, which utilizes six five-ton test masses and three orthogonal axes 30 m or longer, is based on the Tensor Superconducting Gravity Gradiometer being developed by the PICASSO program, which utilizes six 100-gram superconducting test masses with a 14 cm baseline.

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